Sociology Project: Cosplay Culture (note could not find stats)

1) Cosplay documentaryHeroes of Cosplay
a. Heroes of Cosplay is a documentary series that air on the SYFY network. The series depict what various cosplayers deal with for every convention and competitions. What materials they use for a costume, the amount of time and effort that goes into their work, and exactly what references they have used for their costumes. It is amazing the amount of work that goes into the details for each costume. In the first episode, most of the main cast the series; Yaya Han, a professional cosplayer, Jessica and Holly, are professional fabricators and prop makers with their own company called Crabcat Industries, Jesse, a Steampunk Cosplayer, Victoria and her fiancé Jinyo, and Becky, who is a method cosplayer. The second episode introduced the rest of the cast; Monika, a young cosplayer whom Yaya took under her wing, Riki, an independent costume designer, and Chloe, a cosplayer new to competitions.
b. The series shows the difference between “sexy” costuming for attention and the attention to the detail on the costumes. That the sexy costumes, that are mainly used to gain popularity on the convention floor. While a costume that had was focused on the craftsmanship is more for the competitions. “It’s ok to have sex-appeal, but you have to have a balance.” (Yaya Han) The series also brings up the bulling in the cosplay community. Where a person in costume will be judged by how they look physically instead of letting them have fun. One of the main cast has been shown to be a little “catty” with another member, saying that she was not up to par with her. There is also discrimination of people who were not local to the location of the convention.
c. What I have learned from the series is that cosplaying is an expensive hobby, Chloe spent almost half a grand on materials for one costume and Jesse used elk hid to make a reproduction of a pirate’s clothes for an Assassin’s Creed costume. Most of the cast have either a fulltime job, or create commissions for other people. Crabcat Industries have fabricated monster costumes for a viral video for the movie Pacific Rim. Yaya Han not only runs her own company that makes cosplay accessories, but also judges for convention competitions. I also learned on how creative people can get when making their costumes. A guy, in one competition, made an Iron Man suit out of “yoga mats and a Snapple bottle.” (Heroes f Cosplay episode 1) Chloe made a replica to a video game robot out of an rc car and various objects, in the fifth episode. Finally I learned that cosplay is a way to meet people with similar interests, and possibly become friends. Jessica and Holly have been friends and cosplaying together. They have also became friends with Becky and Chloe through cosplay conventions.
d. When I first started watching the series I had an interest in cosplaying, now I would love to dive right on into their world. I have started to do the research for my first costume, and hopefully be able to wear it at a convention. I was surprised by the bigotry in the community, especially by those dressed as one of most open characters known throughout space and time. The cosplay community is usually a supportive group of individuals. I hope to experience the culture, even just once.
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Heroes of Cosplay
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2) Find Video
a. My Other Me: A Film About Cosplay
b. 1) Why do you think cosplayers are so accepting? 2) Do you think cosplayer is a way to jump start a career? 3) Why do you think people cosplay?
c. 1) Lilly from the documentary called the cosplay community “welcoming and accepting.” Cosplayers are so accepting to others simply because they are outcast themselves in their everyday lives. Normally cosplayers are nerds and geeks that tend to watch anime and cartoon, play video games, and read comics; which didn’t start to become popular until recent years. A cosplayer could be, or was, bullied in school and use the costuming as a way to be themselves. Lucas, a transgender cosplayer, used costumes to express himself as a boy until he had surgery to reassign his gender. Through conventions and cosplay an individual can meet new people with similar interests.
2) There is a chance to get a career because of cosplay. Danae received a scholarship to a university because of her cosplay costumes. Schools and companies are looking for craftsmanship in a person’s portfolio; constructing your own costumes and props based on a fictional character would aid their decision. Detail and precision is what is looked at, as well as if the costume or prop won any awards. Though for those who become big in the cosplay community can sell their skills in the form of commissions. A commission is when someone requests an artist to fabricate something for anything.
3) People cosplay for various reasons. A cosplayer dressed as Spike Spiegel, from Cowboy Bebop, said that it was because of a “lack of things to do.” It is also a way to make friends, or to be with close friends. For most it is an excuse to goof around with close friends, in a new area. The familiarity of a multitude of costumes from various series. There is a level of challenge in building and crafting a costume and prop. The challenge is to recreate a well-known character and prop in great detail. Conventions have contests where the well fabricated costumes would win an award.
3) News Story
a. (An Introduction into the Wild World of Cosplay)http://
b. Cosplay can be an expensive hobby, even if everything is made at home. Sometimes you can repurpose various clothing to be a character. Other times you can dish out hard eared cash to get an exact replica of the character’s costume. Yet there is no denying that “costumed play” is a popular tradition in the convention world.
c. As someone who has always wanted to go to a convention dressed in a costume, I was interested in the article. I wish they would have went into further detail on those who chose to make their own props and costumes.
4) News Story
a. (Cosplay: Video game characters go from screen to stage)http://
b. This article depicts the hands on experience for two cosplayers. It depicts how their skills, and costumes, evolved. The two featured in the article gave some advice when it came to fabricating your own costume.
c. This article peaked my interest a bit more than the previous one. I have always wanted to learn how to make my own props, and sew a costume for myself.
5) Video
a. Cosplay (Happy Parody)
c. As the name of the song states, it is about cosplay, set to the tune of Pherrell’s song Happy. It depicts various cosplayers that attended a convention dancing and singing along. And the videos after just show the shenanigans a group of cosplayers can get into.

6) fcfzdBv
a. This is Jane Lynch, an actress known for her role in Glee. She is dressed as Sergeant Calhoun, the character she played in the Disney movie Wreck It Ralph. And the images after are other examples of cosplayers.
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7) 3 Statistics(can’t find stats)
a. This is an actor’s thought process, and confession, on his geeky hobby. I chose this as a prime example that cosplayers usually start at a young age.
9) tumblr_ml3w38SMz81sngip5o1_500
a. A social issue in the cosplay community is the sexual harassment of various costumed attendees to the convention scene.
b. (cosplay=/=consent)
c. One thing a person does to address this problem is to “catch a creep” in the act. If you see a person taking perverted pictures of a person in costume, snap one of them in the process. You can also confront the person.
10) Why did I choose to do a project on the cosplay culture? For years I have had an interest on the community. I found more on the subject that I have not learned in me first attempts in research. But it made me decide to go to a local convention in a costume I made myself. I was amazed by the My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers. How Lucas, a transgender, was so accepted for who he was, and for how Lilly’s family was so supportive to her hobby.
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